Campbell Shillinglaw Lau provide Acoustic design services for Commercial Shopping Centres, Hotels, Conference/Exhibition centres, Theatres and Performing Arts centres, both indoors and outdoors. Our consultants are specialists in all aspects of Sound and Vibration isolation.

C&S's consultants achieve excellence in planning and design through close communication and co-operation with the Client, the Architect and other specialists. Our experience in the design of purpose-built centres gives us the unique ability to guide the design team through the design and specification of the intricate Acoustic systems required in these buildings. Design information is provided through team meetings, drawings, reports and computer modelling.

C&S's work begins with the earliest planning and development studies, continuing through design and supervision of construction to the opening day and into the first months of operation of the completed building. Our design and planning services fully address the technical requirements of Commercial Shopping Centres, Hotels, Conference, Exhibition, Performance and Public spaces. These services include:
a. Room acoustics b. Acoustical isolation c. Noise and vibration control d. Environmental noise control

C&S's acousticians ensure that each room's acoustics are suited to the intended use. Working with the architects and engineers, we determine the appropriate size, shape and materials required for each room. Many rooms will require adjustable acoustics, as the needs of the room will change from day to day. C&S provides details of the technical equipment required to effect such changes.

Conference, Exhibition, Performance and certain technical spaces should be isolated from each other, from outside noise sources and from other noisy areas such as mechanical and electrical rooms, public areas, shops and set up areas. C&S achieves this necessary isolation through careful planning and advice on cost-effective choice of building materials and structural design.

Noise and vibration control provides an appropriately quiet background noise level in conference/ performance rooms through the suppression of noise from the building systems, including HVAC and plumbing. C&S provides detailed advice on the proper location, accommodation and installation of noisy equipment such as fans, pumps and transformers. We advise engineers on the best routes for pipes, ductwork and electrical services, to achieve the best possible isolation.
Environmental noise control ensures that noise from the building, including its HVAC systems, and that noise generated by events/ performances does not cause problems at the site boundaries, at external locations within the site or offsite. CSLL ensures the highest quality of service by utilising the latest advanced Environmental Noise Impact Simulation programs in order to provide our clients with the best work possible.

A typical CSL work project area.

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