Company History

The present Campbell Shillinglaw Lau Limited company has evolved through various stages of development. The firm, based in Hong Kong, was first established in 1970 by Ian W. Campbell who had at that time to his credit over fifteen years experience as a consultant in Acoustics and Technology. Mr. Campbell is a professionally qualified architect and is included in the Hong Kong Government List of Authorized Persons.

In 1977 Dr. Shillinglaw, a professionally qualified engineer, joined Ian Campbell with Mr. Leslie Lau entering the firm in 1987. In 2000, Mr. Lau was promoted to partner status, forming the current partnership. With the recent joining of specialists in other disciplines, our firm has been able to diversify our services with the development of separate sister companies to serve different regions.

Campbell Shillinglaw Lau China Limited (Sister Company to Campbell Shillinglaw Lau Ltd) has established a main office in Beijing with representative offices in Shanghai, and soon in Guangzhou. This firm is dedicated to serving the fast growing market within the PRC where high quality and professional consultancy services are in high demand.

The organization with a vast experience of over thirty years has developed a spirit to provide a high quality consultancy service that fulfills the requirements of clients in relation to budget, class and schedule of the project. The highly flexible structure of the organization allows it to associate with other consultancy groups for specific projects, and to call on the expertise of the top specialists in many fields. Thus our clients can be assured of a quick response to their requirements, irrespective of the complexity or form of the project.

Providing a complete range of interrelated consulting services in one comprehensive package allows the firm to serve its clients in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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